I hate to work out. I do not spring out of my bed in hopes to sweat and in my case, get winded. I don’t want to be achy all over. If someone says to me, “no pain, no gain!”, I will punch them in the throat. My goal is not to slurp down an energy drink and lace up $180.00 running shoes and run outside to dodge sidewalk dog poop.  If I am doing any downward dog motions, it is because I dropped my cookie on the floor. Now I want a cookie, dammit. The  issue with having an issue with the dreaded torture of exercise is that you really NEED to do it. If you are over forty then you better be doing it daily or just give up now. Those pants will not fit you ever again. Leggings will be your life. A lot of people are comfortable enough in their skin that having extra weight on their bones is never an issue. I can’t be one of those people. Am I vain or insecure? I could be both and social media plays with my mind too. I see beautifully in shape women over the age of fifty and cringe. I have never looked that good even in my twenties. I am also too cheap to have to go buy more clothing to fit over or at least hide my muffin top. Now I want a muffin, dammit.  If you are one of those people who could care less how you look or how others perceive you, I bow to  you in awe.  I wish that I had your confidence.  I have always been thin and at times considered skinny. In my youth, basically anytime before 45, I did not work out unless forced by an educator. I don’t drive so I walk everywhere so that counts right? WRONG!! You need to exercise to maintain your health and actually survive in this world. Exercise really does help with stress and anxiety. Your sleeping patterns will improve if you exercise regularly too.  You need to be active to remain a healthy lifestyle even if you just take the stairs twice instead of the elevator a week. You can walk your kids to school instead of driving them even when little Mary cries she will shrink in the rain. We all know if you could shrink in the rain, I would not be here typing, I would be out in the damn rain Mary! I will exercise and stay fit to get healthier. I just hate it. I am Grumpy Cat times a billion when I workout. Do I feel better after I workout? Do I see the benefits of sweating , stretching and straining my body? I will never tell as that would confuse my desire to hate exercise!sucks ass.jpg


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